Alternative Fuels to Move Our Cars Tomorrow

Coming fossil fuel crisis becomes closer from day to day. That makes many people think of alternative fuels, which will be used in future. There are a few main alternative energy sources are used today and supposed to be developed in future. These are solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy and hydro energy. All these energy sources are used for producing electricity and heat.

Oil is now the most expensive and one of the main fuels, which is used in many spheres of human activity, especially in vehicles. The vast majority of contemporary vehicles, even those with hybrid engines, use fuels produced from oil. Hence major car manufacturers think of engines which may use alternative fuels making internal combustion engine a part of history.

As you may find there is a great number of cars, which work with the help of hybrid engines. Almost every car manufacturer can offer you several models with this type of engine. Hybrid means that the engine uses gas along with electricity. In some vehicles electric engine only helps to move a vehicle, thus consuming less fuel. Other engines can be used as gas and electric separately. For instance, a car with this kind of engine can run about 80-100 miles using electric traction. Hybrid cars become more and more popular due to their fuel economy, but in the same time the cost of such cars is higher that of the same models with a usual ICE. Certainly, the price will be lower in future and even today the number of such cars increases with every next year.

However the hardest work concerns engineers, who develop electric and other cars on alternative fuels. Contemporary vehicles with electric engine are not comfortable for an average person today. They cannot run many miles and should be recharged for 12 or even 24 hours. Moreover, such cars require the same number of power stations as we have for gas stations. So, such a situation does not allow us to travel for long distance using an electric car. But as we can see electric cars have a great future ahead.

Certainly, the main factor for researching alternative fuels and developing new car concepts is not environmental protection, but fossil fuel crisis. If people could use fossil fuels forever, they would not think of any alternatives at all. But we cannot disagree that alternative energy will help to save our planet from ecological disaster. That is why, such a decision is reasonable from both points of view economic and ecological.

Source by Thanate Tan

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