Car with Water Fuel – The Amazing Truth of Using Water As an Alternative Fuel Source For Cars

Most of us like the idea of owning a car. We love the convenience it provides us and removes use from the hassle of using the public transport system. The automobile has become apart of our lives. Sadly, running a car is becoming more expensive. This is because of the recent gasoline price hike. Many car owners are finding it hard to make ends meet. Are there any ways to reduce a vehicle fuel consumption? One non-conventional way of solving this problem is to use a car water fuel system. How does the technology work? This article will reveal the amazing truth of using water as fuel for cars.

The water fuel system do not literally use water to power a car. Most people misunderstood this and think the whole idea is a scam. The system actually uses hydrogen gas (H2) in water as a complementary energy source for the engine. For the time being, a car running on purely H2 is not very feasible. An internal combustion engine can be used to burn both gasoline and hydrogen gas. The H2 needed for the engine can be generated from an electrolysis device by using water as its raw material. The concept is to generate enough hydrogen gas and release it into the engine air intake system.

When an engine is running, the H2 will be diverted into the combustion chambers. A car running on fossil fuel and hydrogen gas will achieve a better mileage. Higher fuel mileage means better cost savings for the car owner.

How much would it cost to convert a car to run on water fuel? The whole modification process can be done with a budget of about $150. Most of the parts needed for the project can be purchased off the shelve of a hardware store. What you will need is a step by step instructional guide. You can buy most of the guides from the internet.

Source by Ken J. Maxwell

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