Electric Bicycle or Eco Bike: Why They Should Be Marketed Not As DUI Bikes!

Electric Bikes are gradually gaining grounds and recognition in North America. In some countries like China and India, they are more established. They are a favorite among young men and women for the look, style and speed they have. Their many advantages have been trumpeted especially because of their non-dependence on gas fuel. Apart from this added value, they have great advantages in their maneuverability. In some countries like China, people ride them on the roads and their ability to navigate tight space and move through extremely congested roads and pathways makes them all the more appealing. Electric bicycles are all about the community and its wholesomeness and should be marketed as such.

Battery operated bikes and bicycles are increasingly being marketed. The most appealing of these include those that are being marketed as 20 miles/hour (or less) electric bicycles. Federal Government regulations consider many of such electric bikes in this category as regular bicycles. As such, the owner or rider requires no license, or registration to operate. Gas fuel is obviously not required to power electric bicycles. This is where it gets interesting because many companies have different reasons for getting into the business of manufacturing or marketing electric bikes.

Any search for e bikes on the internet usually gives hosts of companies. Eaze bike, optbike and KABS Ride are some of the big names in the industry. You will expect a dash and sprinkles of scooters, mopeds, classic bikes in your search results. Electric bike companies position themselves and their offering in many ways, some of which would leave an avid business person wondering about the wisdom behind those gimmicks. For instance, some companies market electric bikes solely as DUI bikes. DUI bikes? I have attended several green/environmentally friendly products expositions or Saturday markets and listened to people scoff at- or deride- the idea of riding “DUI bikes.” In a society that stigmatizes bad behavior, such label just don’t make any appeal. Is this why the concept has not quite caught up? Is this why the benefit inherent in owning an electric bike is not matched by the number of riders? Who knows! But the consistency with which certain marketers have used this gimmick is an indicator that a niche is being served albeit on the fringe of our society’s collective norm.

For some companies like KABS Ride, it is the realization of the potential impact a good recreational transportation system can have on the environment. As the nation’s gas supplies continue to be impacted by the whims and caprices of hostile gas suppliers, companies like this committed themselves to helping people mitigate challenges and difficulties of paying for higher gas rate through unique business model and products. Apart from the proven fact that people travel less than 20 miles to work, recreational activities are major contributors to America’s energy problem. Individual would drive to the gym or parks in gas guzzling trucks. Often these are less than 10 miles from home. Experts agree that the carbon emission contribution by neighborhood travels is significantly high.

The benefit that alternative battery operated bikes could have on our environment and the society is enormous and invaluable. Many of these e bikes can travel up to 30-35 miles on a single charge of their batteries. Electric bicycles are all about the community and its wholesomeness and should be marketed as such.

Source by Taiwo Ajani

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