Gas4Free EBook – Is Gas4Free the Best Alternative to Gas?

Is Gas4Free eBook worth it? Well, with the recent volatility in the price of oil and the financial credit disaster, the tightening of our pockets have never been more apparent. And when you mix in the ‘Global Warming’ issues, we have one big kahuna of a problem.

So with today’s issues, Gas4Free and many other similar products do offer an alternative solution to cutting down gas costs and reducing carbon emissions. Although there are many scams around on these kinds of water-gas products, from the research done online, Gas4Free eBook looks very positive.

In general, positive customer feed-backs have far outweighed the negatives. And from the general impression, the negatives were due to the misunderstanding or ignorance of the issue about water used as gas.

You see Gas4Free eBook and others like Water4Gas is NOT about using water to run a car- not at all.

The concept illustrated in the Gas4Free eBook is about putting together a hydrogen system (you can put together yourself or get a qualified mechanic to do it for you) which uses water and your car battery to produce the all important Brown Gas(HHO) – which is then used to power up your vehicle. That is the main concept.

However, many of the so called experts in forums automatically label the product as SCAMs or that water cannot run a car. Again, water cannot run a car – it’s just part of a component that is used as a catalyst to produce HHO gas.

Anyways, although Gas4Free claims that it is easy to install – it does take time and effort. Unless you’re good with the mechanics, get a qualified mechanic to do on your behalf. Not only is it safer, it’s a better solution.

Now the parts required from Gas4Free eBook is relatively cheap. Although, you’ll have to fork out some more money, it’s an investment for the long term that will save you money, and help lower the ‘Green House’ effect.

Source by Cindy Ou

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