How Can I Make My Penis Thicker WITHOUT Exercise? (Do THIS For Gargantuan Girth!)

How can I make my penis thicker? Do I need to do any special exercises? What if I’m one of the 15% of men whose manhood does NOT respond to exercise? Is there any special technique, or process, or PRODUCT that is safe… and yet is proven to work well? In this article we are going to take a quick and HONEST look at getting great gains in GIRTH, and why in many respects, a wider penis is a BETTER option for many men unhappy about their size.

Is Penile Thickness HARDER to achieve than adding inches to length?

Good question… but absolutely not. The techniques, however… are much different, but the underlying principle is 100% the same. The penis grows through stimulating, stressing and STRETCHING the spongy tissue in the primary penile chamber. This causes an increase in blood flow, an explosive improvement in cell regeneration and a whole host of other related benefits. (including increased libido, and sexual stamina to boot)

Is male enhancement exercise the BEST way to get girth gains?

No, in my opinion, it’s not. The very best way to improvement penile thickness is through the application of tension. Tension or traction devices, for example, apply a continuous “stress” to this sensitive tissue, causing rapid call re-growth, and a process many male enhancement researchers and observers refer to as “tougher tissue”.

Does science accept the idea of penis enlargement, or is it all myth?

Another great question! It really depends on who you ask – there have now been NUMEROUS published studies showing that penile traction can lead to gains that many previously found hard to believe. Medical journals have been divided on the results…with some “old school” urologists stating that surgical enhancement is the only option… with many cutting edge men’s health professionals recognizing that the PROOF is in the pudding… and documented gains are the only facts that matter.

Will jelqing improve my circumference size?

Somewhat, yes. But not nearly as much as traction will. If you crave greater girth and can’t afford to invest in professional level penile traction, exercise can make for a good alternative… but it’s certainly NOT going to get you the kind of gains a device can offer, especially if you know how to pick the right one!

Source by Anthony J. Rigliosi

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