How Fast Can You Increase Your Penile Length And Girth With A Penis Extender Or Stretcher?

If you have been searching for the available solution to increase your penile length or girth without surgery, you have probably come to a conclusion that penis extender is your best choice.

But how fast does a penis extender work? When can you expect to gain those extra inches in size?

Do not go anywhere, because I am about to provide you with the answers that you are looking for!

Penis Extender Results Depend On Different Things

First off, there are different factors that will influence the rate at which you will experience penile growth.

Let me illustrate these factors with the following questions:

  • Which penis extender do you plan to use?
  • How many hours per day are you willing to invest in wearing a penile stretcher?
  • Are you using your traction device correctly?
  • How fast can your penile tissue adapt to the traction?

Quality Penis Extenders Work Faster Than Cheap or Home-Made Ones

Needless to say that you will achieve your goals much faster (and safer!) when you use a quality designed penis extender that was scientifically proven to increase your penile girth and length. Home-made stretching devices or cheap stretchers are normally not guaranteed to work, and can even hurt your manhood severely. You should definitely have these things in mind when deciding which penis enlargement traction device to use.

The More Hours You Put In, The Faster You See Gains

This one is pretty much obvious, but nonetheless, the more hours you invest in wearing the extender device, the faster your penis will grow. With that said, wearing a traction device for the whole day is not recommended for beginners. You should slowly increase your daily hours as the weeks go by, starting with no more than 4 hours per day in your first week.

The Way You Use Or Wear Your Penis Extender Has An Impact On The End Results

First off all, learning how to correctly use a penis stretcher before you actually start wearing it is a must. This is the only way you will achieve the desired results without jeopardizing the health of your manhood. Nonetheless, there are different ways to wear a traction device and some of them do give you results faster than the rest of them.

Your Genetics Also Determines How Fast Your Gains Will Occur

The last factor that determines the rate at which you will experience gains from a penis extender is your genetic material.

Certain men have a penile tissue that is able to adapt to the stretching force very fast. These men usually see significant improvements in their penile size within only a couple of months. With others, it takes a little bit longer.

Source by Dean Katanovich

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