Penis Curvature Correction – How to Straighten Out Your Curved Penis

Men have always been concerned with the shape and size of their penis. Generally the look and performance worry us most and how our penis is viewed by others. The penis is our tool for creating sexual pleasures and procreation, perhaps this is why we sometimes agonise over the size of our penis. A lot of men have a curved penis, this can lead to painful erections and trouble performing sexual intercourse, the good news is there are now Penis Curvature Correction techniques that will straighten out your penis.

Some reasons why you may have a curved penis:

  • Genetic link
  • An injury to the groin area
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Congenital Curvature

If you notice a bend or curve in your penis, I’d suggest you get it checked out by your doctor. If left the untreated the situation could become worse. The clinical term for a curved penis is “Peyronie’s disease”. Peyronie’s disease has been linked to injuries to the penis which have led to plaque or fibrous tissue forming within the penis shaft. During an erection blood fills the penis but if you have fibrous tissue along the shaft this could inhibit the full extension of an erection and curve the penis at the point of the fibrous tissue. This can sometimes cause pain or pain for your partner during penetration and could hamper future encounters.

Penis curvature correction can indeed be achieved by using a stretching or traction device. The stretching device works by breaking down the fibrous tissue and uses the body’s nature growth expansion during traction to compensate for then curve and pull the penis into a straighter position. Regular use of the stretching device may increase the rate of healing but do not expect overnight miracles. Fibrous tissue took a long time to build up so it will take some time to remove. It can also create an uneven look of the penis or even decrease the size of your penis. Using the stretching device will reverse this effect and in fact increase the length and girth of your penis to the original size or beyond. A stretching device may set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but the surgical alternatives will cost more in the region of $6,000!

So you needn’t worry about the look, shape or performance again as the stretching device will bring back a healthier, stronger and more impressive penis that will ultimately improve your sex life.

Source by Jon Jameson

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