Small Penis Advice – How to Deal With a Small Penis

What many men tend to believe is that their penis is too small when in truth the majority of them are average in size. In fact there are fewer well endowed men than average sized men. Unfortunately there is the less than average group as well. Being born with a small penis can have an effect on a man’s self confidence. If it couldn’t get any worse the media only adds to the complicate the subject of penis size even further. If you happen to lack in that certain area, here’s some “small penis advice” for you.

Compensate With Other Positions and Foreplay

Having a small penis does not mean you cannot be good at sex. If you feel that your current size is not enough to satisfy your partner, remember that there are other positions that give better penetration. Do not forget that you can use your hands, mouth, and tongue as well. Just be creative with it. Figure out what works and communicate to your partner as well.

Make Your Penis Look Bigger

While it might not be a direct solution to the problem it can certainly help to make it look big. First off, shaving or trimming excess pubic hair that may be covering a portion of the penis will make it look bigger. If you are a little on the chubby side losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt either. The fat at the base of the penis may be hiding your true size. Before having sex, take a hot shower. It will allow more blood to flow through the penis thus making it temporarily larger.

Ready For a Change? Consider Penis Enlargement

If size is really that important to you then consider penis enlargement. While there are many products that claim to do this your best bet is with the natural and safe approach.

Penis exercise programs are a simple and safe way to a longer and thicker penis. By joining an online membership you will have access to several techniques from basic to advanced. Other benefits include stronger and harder erections, increased sexual stamina, and correcting penile curvature. It’s 100% natural and clinically proven. It is perhaps the cheapest approach to penis enlargement if you are under a budget.

Another way to add inches is by using a penis extender. When you strap on this device it uses controlled traction to gradually stretch the penis. It is simple to use. Wear it for a few hours a day and you will see results in 6 months.

Results typically vary for both methods, but if you stay committed to a daily schedule you can gain as much as 1 – 3 inches in length and girth.

It is recommended that you do the natural approach if you are unsure about pills, or other products you do not know about. If you feel that a bigger penis will give you more confidence then there is no reason why you shouldn’t join a penis exercise program or use a traction device. In my opinion these are the only safe methods that will give maximized and permanent results.

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