The Only 2 Methods That Work For Penis Enlargement: What Are They, and Which One Should You Choose?

Off the top of my head I can think of so many different penis enlargement methods and products. Pills, gels, creams, weights, extenders, traction devices, pumps, exercises, surgery… when there are so many methods, you can get a bit confused as to what to do when you want to enlarge your penis. This article will tell you of the 2 methods out of this that work – the others don’t.

The first method that works is penis enlargement surgery. While not very convenient, and incredibly expensive; it does work to add 1-2 inches on your penis – something “pills” will never be able to give you. And medicine has improved so much since this operation was first performed. Still though, the satisfaction rate is very low with this surgery – around 20-30 percent. The reason is that the end result simply doesn’t look good enough, it can cause enormous loss of sensation and it will leave a scar on another part of your body since the operation needs a skin graft from somewhere.

Not to mention that out of every 25 cases, there is permanent erectile impotence; and around 40 percent of all cases report problems while having sex. And all of this is just for an extra 1-2 inches.

Still though – compared to scams like pills or pumps this method still wins due to the fact that it does enlarge your penis.

However, there is a second method that works… and it doesn’t bring any negatives attached with it like being expensive and dangerous… this method is the Exercising method. This method makes sense right off the bat since it is, by nature, exercising; which is what you do when you want to improve something in your life, right?

New advancements in medicine has allowed people to modify the thousands years of old Arabic methods of penis enlargement and has improved their efficiency incredibly. Jelqing (milking) centered exercises to increase girth and stretching centered exercises to increase girth work very well in bringing you a 1-4″ increase in your penis length.

The downside of this method is that yes, you DO have to act and exercise. It’s not like the magic pills which claim to increase your penis length when you swallow them. But the thing is, the fact that you have to DO something is what makes this method work! It’s not a very time-consuming work regimen either – it’s around 10 to 20 minutes per day.

If you want to enlarge your penis, there are only 2 methods that work: Surgery and exercising. Out of the two, exercising wins by leaps and bounds due to its countless advantages and nearly non-existent disadvantages – you should go for it!

Source by Carl H. Jones

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