The Shadow Gods

Disclosure activists have been busy exposing grand deceptions perpetrated of the wealthy elite. Conspiracy researchers have been extremely successful in uncovering the truth concerning government cover-ups.

One of the biggest conspiracies comes from ancient knowledge about the origins of the human race that suggests we are a genetically modified species. The predominant (alternative) creationist theory rests on certain historical writings and other data linking humanity to a master alien race known as the Annunaki.

There is also widespread suspicion within the spiritual community concerning a race of hybrid Reptilians infiltrating the highest social echelons. There is wide spread rumors that these Reptilian hybrids dominate over us. It’s possible that the Reptilian hybrids subverted the Matrix Technology we created eons ago.

Originally, “The Matrix” was known as “The Game of Life”. It was based on virtual reality technology. It was meant to be used for entertainment purposes. When the Game of life was conceived, participants had full awareness of themselves within the game.

Later it was found that the “Game” could be used to study human behavior. That’s when the Game of Life became “The Human Experiment”.

The Matrix Technology became more sophisticated. Rules were established for people who wished to participate in these experiments. Life contracts had to be signed. This includes karmic contracts and agreements concerning time and space. This was in keeping with scientific protocols.

At some point, the Reptilian hybrids (descendants of the Nagas – the snake people) and other creatures, somehow usurped the Matrix Technology, They bribed the human spirits who operate this system with promises of wealth and power (deals and pacts with “evil spirits”). They devised grand deceptions to keep us engaged in their devious scheme.

The idea of reincarnating over and over to “master the game” is one of the biggest lies. The illusion of duality is another one. The concept of good versus evil and materialism have kept us captives of The Matrix for so long, even Old Souls cannot remember who they are.

Disclosure activists have been instrumental in awakening humanity to its condition as a slave race. Humanity has begun to reclaim its lost power and sovereignty. However, there are reports of an even more sinister species at work in the world.

Stories about mysterious beings known as the “Shadow Gods” have been circulating throughout the world wide web in the past few years. I want to shed a little light on these strange creatures.

Unbeknownst to even the Ancient Gods, there is a source of darkness that exists outside of our universe. They are the “ones who exist in the shadow lands”. Unlike the Ancient Gods, the Shadow Gods are not part of our “story-line”. The Shadow Gods are not part of the holographic Matrix. They live in a “negative universe”.

The Shadow Gods often appear to us as the “Grim Reaper”, wraiths, or hooded dark spirits. It is possible these dark spirits are connected to beings known as the “shadow people”.

Reports of encounters with shadow people have been increasing in the past few years. Witnesses claim these beings appear to them as “curious observers”. They are sometimes described as wearing hats. In some situations they have become aggressive and hostile.

The Shadow Gods are far more malicious than any demon conceived in the human mind. These beings are not spirits. Nor are they aliens. They have no souls. These shadow creatures are parasitic entities that feed on our negative emotions. Therefore, they revel in our pain and suffering.

The Shadow Gods seem to be particularly interested in people with traumatic experiences, especially victims of sexual abuse. People with a history of sexual abuse commonly make claims about being tormented by shadow creatures.

The Shadow Gods cannot be destroyed or defeated. The only way to free yourself from these psychic vampires is to escape the Matrix. By now, you should know that the best way to break out of “The Matrix” is to stop playing its games.

I can relate a personal account of my own experience with a shadow being that occurred several years ago.

One night I was in bed in bed with my former partner. It was after midnight. The room was almost completely dark. The computer monitor in the second bedroom was on (on the other side of the living room). So there was a faint glow in the doorway. My partner got up to walk to the bathroom. Suddenly, she said “Dave… are you in front of me? I said “No. But I see what you mean.” In the doorway, I saw the silhouette of a shadowy figure. This was unlike any person I’ve ever seen before. I only saw this being for a couple of seconds. I was staring directly at it. I can only say it looked humanoid in appearance. This shadowy being had a perfectly round shaped head. It had a rather boxy form. It had arms, legs, and a large body. It had no distinguishing features. What was remarkable about it is that this being appeared to be two dimensional. My partner remarked that it was tall. It seemed to appear out of nowhere and disappeared very quickly. Neither of us felt this “entity” was threatening.

I mentioned this supernatural experience to a member of my Spiritualist church. He told me about the “shadow people.” I looked it up online. I read about other people’s encounters with shadow people. Their stories were similar to my own experience.

I had another strange experience about two years ago involving dark cloaked figures (that looked like Grim Reapers or wraiths). I refer to this event as “storm day”. It was a traumatic vision I had in the middle of day. I was suddenly struck by a vision of being strapped to a sacrificial altar. These clocked figures were torturing and raping me. I felt them plunging a knife into my stomach (my physical body without the pain). I was yelling and swore I would kill them for it. They appeared to be feeding on my fear and terror like sharks in a feeding frenzy. My current partner was present during this terrible event. Afterwards, I felt like I had me hit by a bus. It took me over an hour to recover from it.

This experience was very real for me. It was as if it was happening to me in real life. Although I understood it was taking place on another level of reality, in an alternate reality, or in a past life. I believe my Higher-Self gave me this vision, so I could be aware of their presence in our world.

It’s possible that the increasing number of reported shadow creature sightings is related to the something people in Spiritual Community call the “Paradigm Shift”. Many people are experiencing “psychic awakenings” at this time. This means people are beginning to see through the veil of Matrix and the Illusion of reality that has kept us ignorant to their presence among us.

Source by Dave Love

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