Traction Techniques for Increasing the Size of Body Parts

The idea of extending body parts or organs by the application of traction is not a new idea. But there have recently been new applications of this centuries old idea. Because many men are obsessed with the idea that they need to have a larger penis in order to satisfy their partner it was only natural that this idea became adapted to a penis enlargement device. And there are numerous penis enlargement traction devices on the market today.

Gravity can also be employed in this kind of technique. The women of certain African and South American tribes will use heavy earrings to extend their pierced earlobes to a very large degree.

These same tribes will use lip plates to extend the size of usually the lower lip. Wooden or ceramic discs are inserted into a hole in the lower lip and their size gradually increased. This can create a large ring of flesh that juts out from the mouth.

The Kayan women of Myanmar wear neck rings from the age of two in order to increase the length of their necks. The elongated neck is considered to enhance their beauty. This technique does not so much elongate the neck as push down the shoulder blade and create the illusion of a longer neck. The woman can have as many as 20 rings by the age of 20.

Penis enlargement using such concepts is also centuries old. The technique of hanging weights off the penis for a period of time to use the pressure of gravity to extend the penis is as old as ancient Egypt. The theory is that these weights will extend the tissue of the penis, stretching it out and this will allow more blood to enter during erection. This will generally increase the length of the penis but not the diameter.

Penis traction devices work on a similar concept but are designed to be much less painful than just hanging weights and can be adjusted in many ways. These types of devices can be worn under the clothing and do not rely on gravity. They are designed to apply pressure to the penis and stretch it. It consists of a base which sits around the base of the penis, two adjustable rods connected to a band which sits under the head of the penis. This applies a constant but bearable pressure along the shaft of the penis. It can of course be adjusted once the penis lengthens. This pressure creates minute tears along the relevant tissues and creates tissue growth by cell repair and duplication.

Such devices can work to enlarge the penis but can take several months to achieve any noticeable result. They are definitely a cheaper and less painful alternative to surgery.

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