7 Titillating Techniques For Rapid Male Enlargement You Are Going To Love (Tested & Ready!)

Let’s talk a bit about some of the easiest male enhancement techniques out there. Why? Because far too many men overcomplicate the process. They think they need to “learn” everything before they begin. They waste time, energy, effort and income on pills, potions, lotions and motions that DON’T work. And then they wonder why their size has NOT changed…even after weeks, months or even YEARS of concerted effort.

The truth?

There are super simple techniques for enlarging your penis, many of which are now PROVEN, scientifically to work. (including some studies done by prestigious medical journals both in the US and abroad)

  • Traction techniques work: What are they? Stretching the tissue in the penis and holding it in a prone position, for long periods of time. (most often, with a medical grade device made implicitly for this purpose)
  • Simple stretches are equally as effective: These can be done by either your hands, or in a specialized device or piece of equipment as above. This approach has been PROVEN to work amazingly well. (even while some skeptics REFUSE to look at the impressive proof!)
  • Jelqing is no joke: The old standby…and this simple exercise is the oldest approach to enhancement known to man. (it works and for many men, is the EASIEST way to get started without having to buy a thing)
  • Kegel is pretty cool, too! Many sex therapists have been recommending kegel exercises for sexual dysfunctions for year. Today we know it also has an interesting impact on size as well…with many men getting outrageous improvements from Kegel alone.
  • PC elevations and contractions: A simple “up and down” elevation exercise done by tensing or “flexing” the PC muscle in the pelvis. Very powerful, very little known…and very effective for great gains (and all from home)
  • Do it with Diet: A diet rich in Omega 3 and 6 fats, crucial antioxidants, oily fish, cruciferous vegetables and darkly colored berries is a well known way to get MORE blood flowing through the penis while erect
  • Tension and Torque techniques A combination of many of the best exercises, done with a specialized concentration of speed and grip. Sort of a cross training approach to enlargement exercise…which has proven to be amazingly potent for girth, length and penile power across the board.

There you have it. No more excuses. Fast, easy and mostly free….you CAN get great gains, and you can start whenever you’re ready!

Source by Anthony J. Rigliosi

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