Are Hybrid Stripped Bass Right for Your Pond?

The hybrid striped bass is a cross between the white bass and the striped bass. This is a fast growing, hard fighting fish that can be a nice addition to your pond. Hybrid stripers are well suited for ponds because they are more resilient to extreme temperatures and low dissolved oxygen. They can be distinguished from a striped bass by noticing the broken, rather than solid, lines running down the side of the body. These bass have an aggressive appetite and will slam top water lures as well as jigs, spinners, and soft plastics, which gives anglers a variety of choices for lures. They are fun to catch, and beneficial to your pond.


Known for their fighting ability these fast growers have the ability to reach 12 inches in the first year of life, can easily achieve weights up to 6-pounds in three years, and will live about 5- 7 years. Stripers are considered a lesser predator than the largemouth bass due to its smaller mouth size, so don’t believe the myth that they will eat every other fish in your pond.


Stripers are ideal for ponds under 1 acre because they do not need a food chain like largemouth bass. They can thrive off of pelleted fish food, however, to grow rapidly they must be fed 45 percent or higher protein feed. They are also an excellent species for fly fisherman wanting a challenging fish in a small pond.


Adding stripers to a lake is a great way to add additional sport fish without disrupting the food chain. Further, hybrid stripers are known for feeding on crappie, which can make them an excellent tool for keeping populations in balance without needing to constantly harvest your fish. Stripers are an open water predator and will feed on juvenile crappie as they move into open water shortly after spawn. They can be stocked at a rate of 200 per acre and make for an excellent addition in variety of game fish to your pond. Hybrid stripers will not reproduce successfully, so it is important to restock as they are harvested.

Considering stocking, or restocking your pond? Think about throwing in a few hybrid stripers. You will not have to worry about overpopulation, and you will have a fish that will quickly grow to a catchable size.

Source by Bradley F Metzler

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