Do Electric Scooters Really Offer Better Alternative Transportation?

There’s a lot of hype over electric scooters these last couple of years, but is it really a wise investment?

Kids love them, but are they useful for adults looking to commute?

Many commuters, including college students, love the ease and portability of electric scooters. It is without doubt that the electric scooter has become a more than viable form of alternative transportation, and its here to stay…

This is because it is cheap to own, operate, and maintain an electric scooter. With gas prices rising, electricity is a much more inexpensive source of power.

The only real drawback of owning an electric scooter is the speed that they typically reach, usually between 18-25 mph, which can be quite slow. However, if you’re only traveling within a 2 to 3 mile radius, then its the perfect solution.

There are a variety of styles and brands on the market, but as in any industry, you have your share of bad quality rip-offs and real brand-names.

Some of the better brand names include: Razor, Schwinn, X-treme, and Mongoose.

The typical standard warranty is between 1-3 months, with a 6-month warranty on batteries.

Batteries are re-chargeable, but the usual life is between 6-18 months, after which they need replacement. Its always wise to buy an extra battery for backup.

You can choose from 100 watts to 600 watts, with the most popular models being around 400-500 watts. The higher the wattage, the more weight the scooter can push and the steeper hills it can handle.

Hills are an important consideration when purchasing an electric scooter. Regardless of the scooter’s power output, you’ll notice a significant decrease in speed when going up hills. If you’re planning to ride in a hilly area, then a gas-powered electric scooter is a better option, as long as its 49cc and under.

Legally, electric scooters are very well-appreciated. Most states do not regulate electric scooters the same way moped and gas scooter are regulated, in order to encourage the use of renewable energy and reduce pollution. Moreover, accidents associated with electric scooters are usually much less than with gas-powered ones.

Cost for the typical brand-name model is between $300 and $600, depending mainly on power output. Beware of buying on Ebay, because the scooter may not come with a warranty or availability of parts, two very important factors when considering a purchase.

The bottom-line is that electric scooters offer a very viable form of alternative transportation, and anyone commuting within a 2-3 mile radius should consider having one.

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Source by Ahmed Bushra

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