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There is a big chance that the reason why you are reading this is because you are not satisfied with the size of your penis. You are here trying to look for effective penis enlargement techniques to help you solve your condition. You are looking for ways here because you cannot muster enough courage to ask your friends about it. It is not like other problems like acne or warts that you can freely consult others about. If you can help it you would do every means possible to keep it a secret to everyone. This is understandable because it is quite embarrassing to be known as having a small tool. But do you know that you shouldn’t feel too insecure because there are a lot of men out there who have the same problem as yours?

For men out there with this problem here are some effective penis enlargement procedures that can help you.

A very common technique used to lengthen a short penis is to use penis enlargement pills. These penis pills are so common you can order them over the internet. This saves you the embarrassment of actually facing someone to ask for a box of pills. A lot of these pills are now promoted on the internet with testimonies from satisfied users. You will also learn from the advertisements of most of these products that they are made from all natural ingredients. They even call them herbal penis pills to further emphasize the point that no artificial or synthetic ingredients were used in manufacturing them. They stress this point to give the impression that they do not cause any side effects.

Other commonly promoted alternatives are penis enlargement creams and lotions. However their effectiveness is being questioned because there are accounts that say that they do not really increase length and girth. They just cause irritation that results to swelling. The swelling of the penis is what gives it a bigger look.

Another effective technique is to use a penis enlargement pump. It is a cylindrical device that works by creating suction on the penis to force more blood into the blood chambers. As more blood is accommodated, the chambers are stretched and they naturally expand. Regular stretching will eventually lead to a permanent increase in length and girth. There are two kinds of penis enlargement pump available in the market. There are manually operated pumps and there are also motorized pumps. Penis enlargement pumps have the advantage of also being able to help solve impotence problems.

Banking on the same principle, some people recommend exercise as a way of increasing penis length. But instead of using pumps you will only need your hands to do the job. A series of strokes and stretches are done to also fore more blood into the blood chambers.

Some men opt to do stretching. To do this, you need to have a penis stretcher or penis extender. The device is attached to the penis to create traction. This traction causes the cells to divide and expand. There have been studies conducted to prove that it is effective in elongating the penis. A similar method is weight hanging. However concern has been raised about this because there are claims that it causes impotence.

There are different effective penis enlargement procedures readily available for men with insecurities about their reproductive organs. But for health concerns it is best to study all your options well before you start doing anything.

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