Electric Car Conversion Tips – Choose a Manual Transmission Donor Car

There has been a lot of interest on alternative energy source for cars lately. This is due to the rising gasoline prices at the local station. Since an internal combustion engine is totally dependent on fossil fuel for power, anytime there is a conflict in the Middle East, the prices for gasoline will go higher. Many car owners are considering adopting an electric vehicle (EV). For the time being, there is only a limited selection of electric vehicle models from car manufacturers. Most of them are still relatively expensive. An alternative solution is to do an EV conversion yourself from your home garage.

If you are considering starting a DIY electric car conversion project from home, it is a good idea to choose a donor car with a manual transmission. There are a few logical reasons behind this. The key would be the speed of the electric motor that you will use to replace the engine. Most electric motor will have a lower RPM compared to an engine. An automatic transmission would need a high RPM to have a smooth gear shifting. A conventional electric motor may not be able to achieve that kind speed required. A manual transmission on the other hand does not have this issue.

An electric motor generally can produce high torque forces even at low revolution. Due to the high turning force, the car will be able to move even though it is in second, third or fourth gear. Therefore it is always a good idea to select a donor car with a manual transmission for an EV retrofitting project.

If you are not familiar with the workings of a car, most of the information above may not make any sense to you. For car owners that would like to know more about the science of electric vehicle, there are many EV conversion guides available from the web.

Source by Will Yap

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