Gay Male Penis Enlargement Ideas – Start Your Own Penis Enlargement Or Jelqing Class For Men Only

I received an interesting e-mail from a reader who has been part of a Penis Enlargement Class on the East Coast that’s been going on for the last six months with surprising results.

His message was fascinating so I e-mailed him back and asked for his phone number if he wouldn’t mind talking to me. He responded back and I gave him a call. After a great conversation, here’s the low-down on what’s been happening:

He has been going to a gay gym on the East Coast for years. It’s a gym with free weights, weight machines, and other exercise equipment. It is for men only and the atmosphere is for males interested in working out, meeting potential partners, and making friends. He and his partner had been utilizing penis exercises at home and had been very happy with their results. They felt that they wanted to share this knowledge with others and decided to start a Penis Enlargement Class at this gym to help those who might be interested in male enhancement.

When they first started out, they simply put up flyers on the bulletin boards at the gym and word soon got out about the class. Surprisingly, other guys volunteered to help out and offer advice, as they have been utilizing penis enlargement exercises for themselves. The author of the letter was quite surprised to find out that many guys at the gym have a keen interest in the concept of increasing their size.

They meet three times a week and start each class by discussing the Enlargement Exercise of the Evening. They answer questions and explain to the guys how this particular exercise works. Apparently, there are more than a few men at these sessions who have been using penis exercises for years, so they will also offer their personal advice and experience on certain exercises if they can add to the discussion.

At least once a month they try to introduce a new concept on penis enlargement. These are methods that are different than penis exercises they learn about. Some of these techniques they have tried and some they haven’t, but they have introduced such topics as Penis Traction Devices, Weights, and various other methods available for enlargement, such as over-the-counter supplements and patches. They even had a herbal expert attend one of their meetings and offer some advice on herbs that may be helpful in the enlargement process.

The classes are getting quite popular and it allows the students to feel at ease with the enlargement process. Such an environment is relaxed and helps one realize that “working out” includes not only a person’s physique, but their penis, too.

The message was originally sent to me in the hope that I may help spread the word for other people interested in creating such classes. My friend seemed to think it was a great way to learn about the enlargement process and share ideas and experiences to help others improve the size of their penises, as well as their sexual lives.


Georg von Neumann

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