The Best Electric Bikes

Although they are all based on the same concept, some electric bikes are better than others and that usually depends on their manufacturer. Apparently, the best manufacturer of electric bikes at this moment is Kalkoff, a German company, accompanied by the well-known Panasonic. These bicycles are both high quality and affordable bikes.

Kalkoff entered the profile market ninety years ago and currently manufactures two thousand five hundred bikes every day, thus occupying the leading position among the bike manufacturers in Europe. These bikes have certain details which make the best electric bikes on the market.

All bicycles are tested for safety reasons and not only, having to reach the DCW standards. This testing lasts for about two hours, only analyzing one component at a time. These Kalkoff bikes use the power unit manufactured by Panasonic, more specifically, the one used on Pro Connect S. They also use the lithium – magnesium battery pack from the same manufacturer, which can power the bicycle for up to fifty miles. Whenever you choose to buy a Kalkoff electric bike, you will get it with a two-year warranty and you will also get the motor and the batteries.

As far as the Panasonic such bikes are concerned, these are also very reliable and long lasting. These battery powered bikes use a DC brushless motor and has torque sensors. These are a very option as far as their price is concerned, because electric bikes in general are not very cheap, but these are worth all their money.

If you are a fan of electric bicycles or of battery powered bicycles, as they are also known, you should definitely go for one of these two manufacturers, the two being the best in the branch. Offering very reliable and affordable electric bikes, these bicycles are a good investment for anyone who likes nature and doing a bit of physical activity, as well as being modern.

Source by James M.

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