Closer Look – The XM-5000Li Electric Moped by X-Treme Scooters

It’s not often that I’m impressed when I look at a scooter or moped. I generally don’t like them. But this one is different. The XM-5000Li electric moped by X-Treme Scooters has a lot of great features for such a low-priced machine, including a boatload of power. Most mopeds are underpowered weaklings without much excuse for their existence. Not this one.

The XM-5000Li is 100% electric and has a 5,000 watt rear hub motor, but still manages to be very lightweight because of it’s lithium-ion batteries (thus the “Li” in the name), coming in at only 216 pounds total weight. Two can ride comfortably, since it can carry up to 400 pounds in payload.

The motor is mounted on the rear hub, so there’s no chain or belt, which is normally the highest-maintenance part on electric mopeds. the XM-5000Li has also got ABS braking on both wheels and a maximum range of about 85 miles with a top speed of 60mph. Impressive for such a small machine.

For practicality, the XM-5000Li is pretty good on features too. It’s got a cargo space under the seat that’s about the size of a large bag of groceries and a stable kick stand as well. The seat is about 34 inches high and it uses a twist throttle like a motorcycle and has an easy-to-read LED dash. The tires are standard moped/motorcycle-sized and so are easily found after-market for replacement, if needed. The batteries have a 2-year warranty and will likely last 5-7 years under normal use.

This is a great get-around electric moped with a lot of potential for use in the urban and suburban market. I’m not easily impressed, especially by mopeds and scooters, but this one gets an “A.” Along with it’s little brothers, the XM-3500Li electric moped and the XM-3000 electric moped, the XM-5000Li electric moped is available right now for about $6,000, nationally, through independent distributors as a 2009 model.

Source by Sebastian Schepis

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