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Collecting is a hobby that usually manifests at a very young age and surprisingly, even in this technologically-swamped society, is certainly showing no signs of abating. Depending on your preferences, collecting can be a breeze for some and a difficult challenge for others. If you are looking to start collecting, make sure you go for a style or model type which holds significant personal value to you. As noted in the Guinness World Records, the largest collection of model cars currently belongs to Michael Zarnock of Deerfield, New York. Having started his collection in 1968, his total number of models currently amounts to 8,128 which features a range of different HotWheels and alternative model cars. Such impressive hoards require years of dedication, and will be virtually impossible to build if you have no sustainable interest in the model types.

For many collectors today, the Internet is the best place to begin searching. Having selected a model type you love, your internet searches should contain key words relating to the model type, for example ‘Model Porsche’ and also the model number such as ‘Carrera’ or ‘911’. In addition to the Internet, other places to seek out your chosen model cars can range from trade shows, magazines, garage sales, hobby shops and toy shops.

Make sure you fully understand how that specific model is supposed to function before you buy it. For example, some will have doors which swing open, engine compartments that can be lifted, or removable wheels; you will need to make sure these features work properly if the model is to uphold any value. If you are purchasing online, make sure you can see multiple views of the model in question, which will ultimately give you an idea of the car’s overall condition.

Before proceeding with a purchase, there are several other items worth checking. Firstly, the model’s general appearance and visual appeal. Scratches, dull or faded colouring, scuff marks, paint loss and any other signs of wear and tear will affect the value of the model when it comes to merging it with a large collection. Secondly, check whether the model is the original or has been restored at some point. Whilst restored versions are usually perfectly fine, be aware that some of the components may not be the original parts. Particularly when it comes to paintwork and wheels as these tend to be the most commonly restored components of a model car.

Keep your models in the original packaging and ensure your storage area is dirt-free and distanced from any moisture or sunlight. This also means your models are protected from the model-enemy otherwise known as dust; many collectors opt for display cabinets which can vary from single display cases to gigantic large floor-standing versions designed to house a whole collection.

Nauticalia’s Classic Car Models currently cover a vast range of models ranging from steam-powered cars to more specific historic models such as the exclusive Bluebird which broke land speed records. Such a collection can be started and appreciated at any age, and being able to view and show off your collection with pride and rattle off the history and background knowledge you will have attained during the process, is truly rewarding for any true collector. Why not start your own collection and pay tribute to the incredible examples of engineering we have seen throughout history?

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