Pull-Behind Motorcycle Trailers

If you are a rider and you’ve been used to hauling your gear for long trips on side-bags and inside bunjee-jumped bags hitched to the back of your seat, you might want to rethink the possibilities.

Trailers for motorcycles are coming in all shapes, sizes and colors and they are making it possible for riders to hit the open road with ease.

We’ve all see it: driving behind a motorcycle out on the highway, somewhere between nowheresville and the next gas stop, with large bags hanging from both sides of its back end. Not only does the extra baggage add weight to the motorcycle itself, they also just look plain clunky.

Rethink the travel trailer and imagine a sleek, shiny black egg-shaped trailer that hitches quickly and easily to the back of your motorcycle. Pull-behind motorcycle trailers are making it possible for riders to hit the highway for days at a time, carrying everything from camping gear to work tools and other items behind them, rather than on the back of their seat.

You can virtually tow your luggage or gear behind any Harley, Goldwyng, Can Am Spider or Victory or any motor bike, trike or tricycle. Many pull-behind motorcycle trailers can be customized to match the color of your bike, trike or tricycle and come with accessories, including spare tires, covers, chrome trim and packaging and more.

These beautiful new pull-behind travel trailers for motorcycles are not your old-school side-car looking numbers in any way. They are hitched to your trailer hauler and the back of your bike and come in stunning colors and materials, including fiberglass and aluminum.

Your travel trailer hauler can also come with top racks for extra storage space or designed with platforms for putting other items on, such as ice chests, tool boxes, camping gear, photography equipment and more.

Why are pull behind motorcycle travel trailers and storage units so popular? Simply put, they make the art of road travel by motorcycle fun and convenient. They help take the hassle out of travel altogether because, as is the case with a trailer behind a car, for example, there is no constant un-packing and untying of bags to get to what you need as you make your stops along the way.

With pull-behind motorcycle trailers, you simply pull over and open up your travel hauler to get to what you need, fast and efficiently. Close it up and hit the highway!

There are even travel trailers being manufactured for motorcycles today that have top-rack capability for storing a bicycle! That means you can take you motorcycle out on the road, find a camping spot and then enjoy your other favorite sport: mountain biking or city touring by bike!

Motorcycle pull-behind trailers and storage units are redefining what it means to be a “biker.” There are no special requirements for licensing involved in operating a trailer for your bike, but of course you may want to make sure you practice driving with it, parking and maneuvering before you hit the road. Because they add length to your motorcycle, you want to know how the trailer feels and how much room you need to put it into a parking space, park it curbside and also how to safely make those lane changes on the freeways and highways.

Save the back seat of your wonderful touring bike for a passenger and consider using a trailer for pulling all your gear and food behind your motorcycle instead.

Source by Danny M Shockley

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