Saving Energy – Driving Properly and Maintaining Your Car

Every year, the US spends more than two-thirds of the total oil consumption on transportation and they are mainly gasoline. According to general statistic, an American usually consumes 500 gallons of gas annually. Moreover, the cost of fuel fluctuates and we can not predict its change. In addition, the concern for the environment is being raising and increasing in thinking of people. This leads to a must for everyone is that saving energy by driving properly and maintaining your car rightly. Here are some tips for saving energy by growing fuel efficiency.

Driving properly

o Reduce the heaviness of your car. You should not take unnecessary things on your car because extra weight consumes fuel.

o Do not idle. You will make mistake when thinking that driving 0 miles per hour does not consume fuel. Whether moving or not, a running car engine consumes fuel. So, you should not idle to preheat your engine. Drive as soon as you start engine. Do that to grow fuel efficiency for saving energy.

o If you are stuck on traffic, turn off your engine. This will eliminate the fuel consumption caused by idling.

o When you park your car any where, do not hesitate to turn off your engine. Keeping running engine driving parking time is not a way of saving energy but an unacceptable waste.

o If your car has self-guided control feature, turn it on. Self-guided control will keep a constant speed for your car and helps your car save on gas.

o Driving sensibly. You should not drive aggressively, make an abrupt acceleration, keep high speed or brake hard because these of them will lower your fuel efficiency of 33% in the highway and 5% in the city.

o Calculate your breaking distance. This will help you decide rightly whether accelerating or not when you have to slow down or go into full stop right away.

o Turn off your car air condition system as much as possible because it can increase fuel consumption up to 15%.

o If you can afford the cost, change your attention to hybrid cars. They have higher fuel economy than regular gasoline engine vehicles. Moreover, hybrid cars can help reduce carbon dioxide emission. Besides, if you want to save on fuel for saving energy for you and for the world and take care of environment, electric cars and other vehicles consuming alternative energy are always better choices.

o The heaviness of your car and the size of your engine also play an important role in maximizing fuel efficiency. So, you should take into consideration to these elements when buying a new car.

Maintaining your car

o Replace or clean your air filters regularly. Clogged filters prevent air from entering the cylinder and this will result to poor car performance and increase fuel consumption.

o Align your wheels properly.

o Change oil and maintain your car regularly to find out problems on time.

o Use the right type of oil for your car.

Saving energy is necessary for you and for the world. Make these things a habit to save cash, protect environment and extend the service of your car.

Source by Penny Mena

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