Scooters Provide Fun and Mobility

As a parent, one might find scooters a pain in the backside as you walk down the sidewalk with kids on them making you feel like you need to head for a bunker or at least jump off the sidewalk to safety.

Some of us would even put them into the same category as all those annoying skateboards before so many skateboard parks were provided. But to those who aren’t yet parents or who may now be grandparents or even great grandparents, scooters provide a whole different outlook.

To both age groups, these transportation devices do provide one aspect both can appreciate. That is the sense of freedom. They get you where you want to go.

Kids’ scooters can be so much cooler than having a bike. Definitely cooler to have a three wheel one than a tricycle if you are in the three to five age group. Not only do they seem cooler, they come in such great colors and sport different characters this age group love like Dora and Spiderman.

As the kids get older, these wheeled devices become more capable of allowing them to go further and do more. These wheeled adventures will allow heavier payloads (meaning kids can keep using them as they grow up and get bigger) and go further distances on one charge. Some are actually gas powered which will allow a larger range from home.

The electric and gas powered ones will let the kids go faster as well. For instance the Razor E100 electric scooter will get up to 10 mph and allow travel for up to 40 minutes on one charge. So you can see why kids would love these wheels.

But what about those who have problems getting around? Well, mobility scooters fill the ticket there. They allow those with various disabilities the opportunity to leave home even if they can’t stand very long.

Just think of having leg problems or arthritis in your knees so bad that you can’t stand longer than maybe 10 minutes at a time. Sure would cut down on your opportunities to cruise the mall or just get outside in the fresh air. Taking a walk around the neighborhood would be impossible.

But if you have a medical scooter or streamlined travel scooter, you now have the ability to get out into the world. You have no idea just how much that can affect your life when you have physical ailments that otherwise would restrict you to your own home.

Source by Sandra K

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