Vego Electric Scooters

If you are interested in purchasing a scooter you may want to take a look at the Vego electric scooter. These scooters come in three main models: the VEGO SX600, VEGO IQ450 and VEGO SX 600 electric scooter.

Vego scooters have several great features:

o The VEGO IQ450 achieves 15mph and can de used for 8-12 miles between charges.

o The VEGO scooters can be ridden both seated and standing up.

o They have a monitor that shows the available power.

o The VEGO SX 600 goes for 16 to 20 mph and comes with a dual 24V battery pack for more power and a longer ride time

o The battery packs of VEGO scooters are removable and can be charged separately.

o SX600 scooters are available in several different colors including black, blue and silver.

o If you do a lot of traveling you will be glad to know that the VEGO can be charged in countries with other voltages using as simple adapter.

When deciding on which of these scooters you are going to buy you will have to consider your personal needs. How much range do you need? What is your weight? Where will you be using your scooter? What is your budget?

If you look around online you will find that there is a lot of positive feedback on these scooters. People seem to be very satisfied with them. This high customer satisfaction seems to be the result of the very high quality standards applied to all VEGO scooters.

VEGO scooters cost around $650 to $800 (prices will vary of course). They offer a great combination of value for money and quality. We recommend you give them a try.

Source by Scott Dobey

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