10 Things Every Scooter Owner Should Know

So what do you know about your ride? About your car, your SUV or your Scooter? It’s not only the tires, the brakes and the handle. There is more than what you see.

I know how frustrating it can get when you have to rush to your destination and your everyday ride sits there broken! Trust me; I have been in that situation. And just so that I don’t have to face it anymore, I did some intense research and learned a few handy tips that could be a savior in crisis.

Listed below are a few things that a scooter owner like you and me need to know. These ‘things-you-should-know’ tips are basically for gas operated scooters but some parts are similar in electric scooters too.

  1. Check the tire pressure – Most of us know that the tire pressure needs to be around 200kpa to 225kpa (from 29psi to 32 psi). But did you know that it’s always recommended to check for the pressure once in 7 days? I have learned this the hard way. If your scooter seems to lose its performance, sometimes, it could be due to the low tire pressure.
  2. The brakes – Though your scooter mechanic will usually check for the brake fluid and alignment of the brakes, it is always a good idea to inquire if they need replacing. Noticeable wear and tear is a sign of disaster.
  3. Compression Test – Whenever your scooter has a hard time starting and shows signs of poor performance, this is the time you should test its combustion. Ignoring this could fail your budget.
  4. Spark Plug – Every time you ride your scooter, the spark plug slowly builds up carbon. This need to be cleaned out in regular basis.
  5. Air Filter – As the name suggests, the air filter keeps dirt and impurities out of the carburetor. Clean it every 1000km and replaced every 5000 km.
  6. Belt -Whenever you feel that your scooter is losing its top speed, it’s time to consider replacing or your scooter belt. The more you push its limit the more damage is done.
  7. Clutch and Rollers – As rollers wear they will start to square and your scooter will lose its top speed. It will heavily affect your acceleration.
  8. Oil Change -Oil change should be done every 2000 km. Make sure to use synthetic oil or your regular 10w-40 (most common for scooters).
  9. Carburetor Servicing – Whenever you get that ‘dead’ space in between your rides, it’s understood that either your carburetor is completely disassembled or needs attention. Ask your mechanic to check all the jetting and main holes every time you take your scooter for servicing.
  10. Valve adjustment – Another thing you want your mechanic to check it for you. Engine pistons need to stay in the correct timing for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. Ensure it is properly optimized.

Yes, apart from these there are also other primary areas that you need to look into when it comes to maintaining your scooter. However, these tips can also save you from unnecessary expenses. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Ride Safe!

Source by Jack NP

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