50cc Scooters – Economical and Environmentally Friendly

The Harley Davidson’s and Luke Bentley’s could still be considered the pride of the city roads, and no wonder they should be, because they are huge gas guzzling monsters. But the 50 cc scooter, with half its size of the Harley, is still about making waves in the city you are staying in. That it is able to establish some kind of niche amongst the Big Bike lovers is enough testimonials to its features and capabilities.

It is thus important for us to know what makes these small and puny scooters at best, to create such huge ripples in the market.

Here are some features of the 50 cc scooter

  • Easy maneuvering features – Some times, all you have to do is wear the helmet, place yourselves on the seat, turn, zip and zoom. That’s it really! No fuss in starting the engines and no fuss in beating the hell out of your parking space. With this small 50 cc scooter, you can easily get your scooter up from the parking lot and drive around.
  • Four stroke engine – If something adds power and zing to the 50 cc scooter, it has to be the four stroke engine. This allows the scooter to get an excellent mileage when driven on roads.
  • Super mileage – The mileage of the 50 cc scooter is far better than any of its class. Well, you don’t normally say anything else when you see that this scooter provides a mileage of 100 miles per gallon. This obviously means you could fill up the tank of the scooter and enjoy rides for a full 15 days or so.

Some limitations of the 50 cc scooter

All is not good with the 50 cc scooter and it certainly has some limitations. For one, you can’t drive the scooter at top speeds, as the best speed reached with this scooter is about 30 miles per hour. Agreed that the mileage is about 100 miles per gallon, but with it comes a reduced tank size! This means if you drive the scooter for 3 hours or more a day, you might have to refill the tank almost daily.

Finally, the price offsets any possible limitations as discussed above. Available at a fraction of the cost of full size motorcycles, the 50 cc scooter is an excellent value for money, but most importantly serves the purpose of you wanting to own a scooter to ride through the roads of your city or countryside.

Above all, with the 50 cc scooter, you will have the satisfaction of driving a scooter that will allow you to go green. This scooter with an electric kick start and a hybrid engine will ensure you don’t contribute a lot to environmental pollution.

Source by Robert Denales

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