Closer Look – The Zap Zapino Electric Moped

If you prefer traditional, but more modern-styled mopeds, then the Zapino electric moped will appeal to you for sure. For the urban or close suburban commuter, the around-towner, or people who need a small, low-cost get-arounder for their RV or similar use, it’s hard to beat the Zapino. And for the ladies out there? It’s available in pink! Sold yet?

OK, let’s look at some specifications and information on this neat little ride. First, it’s rear-wheel driven and the motor is mounted directly adjacent to the wheel, so no long belts or chains-this means less vibration, less maintenance, etc.

To me, though, the machine has two big selling points: the $3,500 price tag and the 30mph/30 mile speed and range. That and it’s relative light weight (less than 300 pounds) make it a good option for those who need something small, usable, and that has enough storage space/capacity to make it a realistic errand runner.

Here’s a couple of other specs that will probably decide it for you, one way or another:

  • Motor: 3000W brushless, 60V
  • Controller: DBI (digital battery indicator)
  • Brakes: front-rear disc
  • Batteries: 60V lead-acid (optional Li-Ion available)
  • Range: 30 miles (optional batteries boost this to 65)
  • Weight Limit: 280 lbs.

The Zapino is a big step up from the line of mopeds ZAP has been offering thus far. Building on their kiddie-mopeds-with-motors background, ZAP introduced the Zappy 3 Pro, which wasn’t much of a leap forward from earlier models. The Zapino, however, is a big jump ahead and a whole new market for this company.

Source by Sebastian Schepis

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