Convert My Car to Electric – How to Convert a Gas Car to Electric

You must be aware of the hype that has been recently created around the electric car. In these times of fuel crisis, when man is desperately trying to find an alternative way of commuting, the electric car is a boon to all of us. In electric cars, there are fuel cells that give your car the required power to run. Electric cars are environment friendly and at the same time, it is highly efficient and cost effective.

One of the best ways in which you can help your environment become pollution free is to convert your car to electric. The electric car does not emit harmful gases that cause pollution. You can also get hold of hybrid electric cars that are really cool and make a great style statement while helping the Green Movement.

Rather than investing in a brand new electric car, it is better if you convert your car to electric. In that way, you will be maximizing the use of your old car and saving up on quite a lot of money. There are many benefits of electric cars and noise reduction is one of them. Normal gasoline driven cars make a lot of noise while the electric cars are very silent. Now, at first sight, it is almost impossible to distinguish an electric car from a car that runs on gasoline. However, if you look closely, there are certain differences, apart from the reduced noise, which characterize the electric car. Given below are the features that will help you identify an electric car:

1. Instead of the gasoline engine, you will have an electric motor.

2. All the power is derived from a series of rechargeable batteries.

3. The controller, which gets the power from the batteries, gives power to the electric motor.

These are certain features that help distinguish an electric car from a gasoline car. Thus, if you want to convert your car to electric, you need to keep these things in mind while you make the transformation.

The first step, if you want to convert your car to electric, will be to remove the internal combustion engine and to put an electric motor in there. Apart from that, you have to add a bank of batteries that will help your car run on electricity. The overall cost, when you convert your car to electric, will be around $6000 for the parts and $1000 to $3000 for the batteries and the installation. Although it does look a tad expensive, imagine the benefits that you will get after the conversion. It will be an emission free car that preserves the environment and on top of that, it will cost you just a few cents per mile to run your car. An electric car also requires lesser maintenance and the parts of your car are cleaner and better if it is electric. Another good thing is that electric cars will fetch you quite a sum when you sell them off. An old gasoline car does not have a good resale value but the electric car is way ahead in this aspect. Apart from the batteries, which you need to replace every three or four years, there is no other major expense involved in maintaining electric cars. Thus, keeping all this in mind, it is a very good idea to convert your car to electric.

As for the performance, electric cars can do 50 to 90 miles per hour. And the recharging process takes about six to twelve hours. So keeping all these statistics in mind, go for the conversion and be the proud owner of an environment friendly vehicle.

Source by Steve Somerton

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