Convert Your Car To Run On Water – Build The Hybrid Yourself

I think you are landed here because you want to know how you can convert your car to run on water to save money on gas or fuel. Is it possible to run a car using water? How can I Build hybrid myself? These are the questions which you are looking for. Then read on you can get all answers.

Yes you can run your car on water and increase gas mileage. Don’t get confuse here, car run using water means not 100% of water. If a guide shows you that 100% of water then it will be a scam,it is not possible to use 100% of water to run a car or truck.

To run a car using water you have to make a conversion. Don’t worry,you don’t have to modify your car or engine to do so. This is very easy conversion which you can perform from your home and by yourself. You have to build one hybrid using some hardware parts that are available in your local stores and are very cheap too.

There is nothing difficult to convert your car,just using electricity from your car battery,and separate it into gas also known as browns gas. This gas burns and supplies energy and power to car engine. It is very safe and it reduce harmful emission of engine to to save your engine. It increase gas mileage up to 50% and runs smoothly with safe.

Now you are wondering how to build this amazing hybrid to run your car on water.As i said it is not much difficult although it sounds technical. You can do it without mechanical skills too. If you convert this in any shop they may charge you around $1000 but the guide which shows you step by step instructions with images cost you less than $50.

So its time to take action,go get the guide and convert your car to run on water by building a hybrid yourself with low cost.

Source by Naji Shanu

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