Fathers Day Gifts – Some Alternatives to the Typical Gifts

Fathers day gifts, like mothers day gifts are subject to some assumptions like only sports or auto related things make acceptable father’s day gifts. It doesn’t make much sense because men have a lot of different interests and many are just as happy to get a six pack of beer as they are anything else. The fact is that a lot of sports are in season in June and Father’s day is just another way to sell a lot of sports merchandise. Here are some alternative gifts for the typical fathers day gifts that you see on TV.

Sports jerseys and other sports merchandise

Your dad or husband probably has a lot of these lying around and you may have been convinced into thinking that no guy can ever have enough clothes with their favorite team’s name printed on it but you need to realize that it isn’t true. You’re just giving him a redundant gift and most guys only ever like just one shirt which is associated with a college or high school memory. Instead of giving your husband or your dad the same thing over and over again, try something different and a bit classier like any other kind of clothing that doesn’t have a team name printed on it.

Wine and beer coolers

Instead of getting your dad or husband yet another cooler to keep his drinks cool or something to keep the snacks organized, try giving him a healthy snack and a great gift all in one. Find some unique fathers day gift baskets with a food theme. Or try fruit bouquets with a sports themed container. Men like fruit and chocolate just as much as women do and instead of adding to your dad’s or your husband’s cooler collection, you can give him a nice edible gift that he’ll enjoy eating. The container makes a good keepsake.

Car and car related gifts

The only car related gift that’s really a good gift is a new car but since that probably isn’t going to be an open option for you, you’re likely to buy things like seat covers or a gift certificate for a tune up. These gifts don’t say a lot about how much you appreciate your husband or dad for his role as a father. If you’re on a small budget you can actually give your dad the gift of a free hand washed car. This is an ideal gift for teenagers to give their dads. Don’t go for key chains because they’re just too small but don’t give the car an upgraded stereo system either because your dad won’t like you tinkering around with the car or he might not enjoy learning to use the stereo system all over again.

Source by Lisa H.

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