Have You Ever Thought of Changing the Fuel of Your Car From Gas to Electric?

The Midwest has some of highest gasoline prices in the nation. Months ago, on the way home from a play, I got excited to see a sign on the toll way for $4.01 for unleaded gas. It was selling for 10 to 15 cents a gallon less than the stations near where I lived. So, seeing that price, I felt lucky to be able to fill up.

These soaring gas prices are not only having an effect on our wallet, but on our driving habits as well. I myself am reluctant to waste gas driving to a distant outlet mall. It is much easier on me and my wallet to wait for sales at the local mall and discounters. Although I read stories about people making more frequent visits to the outlet malls, there are others who are weighing the costs of driving there to the actual savings they get. And these malls are suffering from the consumers who made the decision to shop locally.

That is one reason why people are so enthusiastic about the electric cars.

They are tired of not only the gas prices affecting their wallets, but their travel decisions. Now the automobile companies have finally manufactured electric cars where you don’t have to fill up, but power up. Plugging in at these power stations that are springing up all over the country are less expense than the $45 to $80 many car owners pay to buy a full tank of gas.

Then comes the downside. In this economy,how many can really afford to purchase the electric cars or hybrids? Not many, even with the apparent brisk sales of these cars.

But with American ingenuity and know how, a solution was found. Now, with the right tools and instructions, you can convert your own car to electric for hundreds of dollars and not thousands. Do it Yourself manuals tell you how to do it and remind you not only of the energy savings but the tax credit from the government for converting to electric.

And for the true environmentalists, converting to electric is the true answer to using less energy and leaving less of a carbon footprint. For millions of us, not only are the electric cars source of saving money and energy but it reduces our dependence on foreign oil. And our automobile manufacturers should get a large USA round of applause for providing us the means to start ending this dependence.

Source by Judith R Arkes

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