How Do Semi-Hybrid Cars Work?

A semi hybrid car uses what is known as an electrolyzer, or what’s commonly known as a hydrogen generator.

You can install these in your motor in a weekend. Once you have the conversion guide you may need to stop by your local hardware store to pick up a few bits and pieces, but most can be found in your garage if you do the odd bit of DIY.

So what is a semi-hybrid car and how does it work? Well, a fully hybrid car would run solely on Hydrogen, therefore a semi-hybrid car runs in part on HH0, or Browns Gas and your usual gasoline, diesel or petrol.

You install the hydrogen generator in your engine compartment and use the power of your car battery to electrolyze water combined with baking soda to produce HH0. Once you’ve set your hoses up, this is then fed into the engine through the intake manifold which in turn supplements your gasoline intake with HH0.

As a result of these changes to your fuel intake there are a number of notable differences.

Firstly your engine will become quieter and your emissions will be cleaner due to reduced gasoline consumption.

Secondly, and the reason why my son and I installed this semi-hybrid conversion kit is that it will reduce your fuel costs, depending on your vehicle by up to 45%. Diesel engines will prosper most from this conversion kit, although our gasoline station wagon now gets approximately 35% more to gallon out of the full tank which is simply fantastic. I can’t rave about it enough.

Source by Rob R Carmichael

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