Lean Hybrid Muscle – Does It Really Work?

Do you work out a lot, but still don’t see that lean, muscular body you want in the mirror? If that’s true, guess what? It’s probably not your fault. Instead, you need a system that’s going to streamline your workout efforts with one simple to use regimen, so that you can burn fat without harming your ability to build muscle. Once you’ve burned off that body fat, you’ll be able to see lean, defined, solid muscles clearly. How do you add “muscle mass” without adding weight? With the Lean Hybrid Muscle system. Why and how does it work?

1. It’s scientifically based

The Lean Hybrid Muscle system has its roots in science. In your body, you have two different types of muscle fibers: Type I (slow twitch) and Type II (fast twitch). The slow twitch fibers recover much more quickly and don’t get tired as fast as the fast twitch muscle fibers do; by training the slow twitch muscle fibers, you’ll increase your endurance.

Type II muscle fibers, fast twitch muscle fibers, get tired very quickly, but they give you a “burst” of power energy when you need it. Those who power lift, for example, use their fast twitch fibers extensively.

Specifically, the Lean Hybrid Muscle system works on both of these fibers simultaneously, but it does something extra special: It combines weight training and cardio in a set at the same time, so that when you work out, you are in effect “training” your fast twitch muscle fibers to build the same endurance as your slow twitch muscle fibers already have. The Lean Hybrid Muscle system calls these fibers “Type III muscle fibers,” even though they’re really Type II muscle fibers undergoing retraining. (That’s just to avoid confusion and to focus on how you are in effect transforming your Type II muscle fibers into Type III.)

Anyway, these “new” types of muscle fiber (Type III) burn fat as you work them, and as you work them, they become larger. As they become larger, they burn more fat. The mitochondria in your body make muscles stronger and larger while at the same time burning excess fat.

2. “Hybrid” workouts that contain both cardio and resistance at the same time: Resistance hybrid cardio workouts

Everyone knows that there are benefits to a cardiovascular workout, and there are also benefits to a resistance or weight-training workout. The Lean Hybrid Muscle system is a workout that combines the best of both of these types of workouts, in one easy to use system that increases stamina, and strength, and burns fat and builds muscle mass all of the same time (again, developing those muscle fibers Type III). With resistance hybrid cardio workouts, not only will you come more muscular, as everyone wants to be, but you’ll be healthier. And by adding this muscle, you’ll become stronger, too.

3. You don’t need expensive equipment

The Lean Hybrid Muscle system doesn’t require that you buy lots of expensive equipment or big, bulky, weight resistance machines. Instead, all you need are some hand weights to add resistance as you build muscle mass. Warriors have used the ancient techniques contained in the workout for centuries to build endurance and strength so that they are fit for battle. Now, the Lean Hybrid Muscle system will teach you how to utilize these ancient techniques through training tips and special exercises that will change how you look, quickly. Focus your workouts so that you build muscle, much faster than any other workout can promise.

Source by Storm Walton

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