Titanium Hybrid Golf Clubs Are Exceptional Performers

There are many differences between a fairway wood and an iron, such as shaft length and swing distance, although both of them have their uses. Combining the best features of both is the titanium hybrid golf club, which offers golfers distance in addition to playability on nearly any surface. The shaft is shorter than a fairway wood, allowing golfers to use a harder swing in the rough.

Where a wood will be difficult to use to slice through the grass and leave the shot short of the green, an iron provides lift but lacks in distance. The titanium golf club solves the problem of which club to use. It can slice through high grass and achieve loft at take away like an iron but still strike the ball squarely on the club face much like that of a wood.

Use a Titanium Hybrid Instead of a Low Iron on Difficult Shots

Some golfers rarely ever use their low irons. Numbers one through four present a challenge in making a shot over distance from the rough. You could clear the space in your golf bag by replacing the low irons with the comparable titanium golf clubs instead. They are truly versatile clubs which can play from almost any surface yet with the same accuracy and feel of a fairway wood.

One difference is that a titanium golf club usually has a lower trajectory than that of the low and mid number irons. Close to the green, the higher number hybrids can function as a utility club which works well on dirt or high grass in the roughs. In fact, a titanium hybrid golf club just may become your all around, all purpose club which works well in a variety of situations.

The materials used to build a titanium hybrid golf club makes them extremely strong and durable and well worth the money. Replace those irons you rarely use with these newer clubs to get the most bang for your buck in your golf bag.

Source by Paul De Vizard

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