Types of Scooter Wheels

There are many types of scooter wheels available. Among the most widely used are black wheels, electric, razor, metal core and those with bearings. These wheels have different characteristics and features which you should be aware of before making the purchase.

Razor Wheels

The razor wheels are very popular among children and even adults. These come in a variety of colors and designs. Some even have glittery effects. Some of these resemble glossy rims while others are more akin to the ones you see on cars.

There are also razor wheels with LED lights. As the wheels move, they light up. These transparent lights are best used during the night. The razor scooter wheels with lights come in different colors too. Because of this extra feature, it is more expensive than ordinary wheels.

Wheels with Bearings

These are used by those who want to get more performance from their scooter. The bearing is a lubricated joint which limits the friction on the wheels. This feature allows the wheels to operate effectively especially on level surfaces.

Metal Core Wheels

These are designed for professional use. They have a machined aluminum core encompassed by a color urethane wheel. These have the bearings installed and offer superior performance. Although more expensive than the plastic wheels, they are also more durable.

In terms of design and performance, the metal core scooter wheels are the top of the line. They offer the maximum speed possible, ideal for experienced riders. For new riders, metal core isn’t the best option as it doesn’t offer as much protection from bumps as other wheels.

Electric Wheels

With the trend towards green motoring, electric scooters and wheels are becoming more common place. There are many types of electric wheels, with styles and designs as varied as the other wheel types. The advantage of using these is they are non-polluting.

However, they can be hard to install. Make sure you read the user guide on how to properly set them up. To avoid problems on the road, try changing the electric scooter wheels while you’re at home. By getting familiar with the process, you can hit the road knowing how to replace the tires.

Black Wheels

If you don’t like wheels with fancy colors and special effects, the black types will suit you just fine. These are available in many designs. Some are made completely from urethane.

Others have a center core made of aluminum or metal. Wheels with aluminum and metal cores offer better performance compared to those that don’t. High quality black wheels also have bearings that improve performance.

Note: these should have instructions for setting them up properly. If you’re unsure, get an experienced friend to help you. This point cannot be overstressed, as driving with incorrectly installed wheels could lead to accidents.

Scooter wheels come in different sizes and shapes. Only by recognizing the traits of these wheels will you be able to find the one that suits your driving style.

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