What is a Hybrid Baseball Bat?

So what is a hybrid baseball bat and why would I want to buy one?

A hybrid is a combination of composite and alloy material. The handle is composite and the barrel is alloy. Examples of 2009 Hybrid bats include:

Louisville TPX H2

Easton SV12

Demarini Voodoo

Demarini Vendetta

Demarini Vexxum

Rawlings Rush

Gold Lite

Nike Aero Fuse (not to be confused with the Aero Fuse CF2)

The lighter composite handle allows the alloy barrel to be made longer than a traditional 100% alloy bat. This increases the “sweet spot” compared to an alloy bat and provides more leeway to the batter. In contrast, a 100% composite has both a composite handle and barrel making the barrel, and “sweet spot”, even larger. Hybrid bats are a good compromise between spending top dollar on a composite or a lower priced alloy bat that doesn’t incorporate the latest technology, or offer advantages to the batter. The cost of a top hybrid bat should be somewhere between a manufacturers top composite and alloy bats.

Never pay the same (or about the same) for a top hybrid as a top composite bat. If the price is close you should absolutely take the composite. Here’s an example: Demarini’s top Adult composite (CF3) has a retail price of $399 and its top hybrid bat (Voodoo Black) is priced at $299. Demarini has two additional hybrids priced at $249 and $199 respectively. On the other hand, Louisville and Easton charge $379 – $399 for their top Adult composite bats and $369 – $379 for their top hybrid bats. This makes absolutely no sense. So, a hybrid is an excellent choice for those looking for new technology and a slight advantage on the competition. Just keep your eyes open and don’t fall into the trap of paying too much.

Source by R. Nelson

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