Why Choose Non-Hybrid or Heirloom Seeds?

Growing hybridized seeds is like throwing dice. You never quite know what you are getting and you know the seeds produced will not produce the same plant the next year.

The best seeds for your garden are non-hybrid, open-pollinated, organic, heirloom seeds. Why? The most important reason is that hybrid seeds are mixed with other seed varieties that alter the seed itself. Non-hybrid seeds are completely organic and have a longer shelf life, and are all around better for you and your family’s health.

Hybridized varieties are typically injected with dangerous chemicals. The worst of these chemicals are BT pesticides, which are injected into the seeds so that the plants and vegetables will have their own defense against bugs and pests. The downside to this is that vegetables created by using these pesticides have been proven to create problems for humans after long term consumption. Many diseases including certain cancers have been linked to pesticides that are found in hybridized plants.

Why choose non-hybrid?

Non-hybridized, heirloom or open-pollinated seeds are known for their wonderful varieties, colors, flavors, and textures. In our experience, heirloom varieties that have been grown properly will also produce a better vegetable. Another advantage of heirloom seeds is that the seeds from a garden may be harvested from each year’s plants and stored for next year’s season.

Non-hybrid seeds store very well, and can be saved and re-planted over and over, ensuring that you and your family have a perpetual, sustainable supply of organic vegetables in your garden. Heirloom seeds are varieties of vegetables that are not grown in large-scale agriculture and have therefore kept their natural nutritional traits.

As long as seeds have not cross-pollinated in your garden (and this can be very difficult to prevent), you can expect the same results from your seeds year after year.

Emergency Preparedness: Your Crisis Garden

Non-hybrid and heirloom seeds are the only choice for emergency preparedness, as these seeds may be harvested for future use. Hybrid varieties are sterile seeds that do not reproduce themselves, that cannot be saved, and offer no future sustainability in the event of a major food crisis.

Source by Emily Hollingshead

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