5 Day Split for Mad Muscle Growth

Hey guys, for the more hardcore amongst you, I thought I’d add a good 5 day split that you can follow. If you’re reasonably experienced in Weightlifting then this will be ideal for you to increase the results that you’re currently getting. I personally used to perform this workout however at the moment I am undertaking Elliot Hulse and Mike Westerdal’s famous Lean Hybrid Muscle system!

Here it is:


Monday – chest

Heavy flat bench press – 5×5 reps

Incline dumbbell press – 3×12 reps

decline dumbbell press – 3×12 reps

Cable flys – 3×15 reps

Tuesday – legs

Heavy squats – 5×5 reps

Leg curls – 3×10 – 12 reps

Leg extensions – 3×10 – 12 reps

stiff leg deadlifts – 3×10 reps

Wednesday – arms

close grip bench press – 3×12 reps

barbell curls – 3×12 reps

skull crushers – 3×10 reps

incline dumbbell hammer curls – 3×12 reps

tricep pushdowns – 3×12 reps

dumbbell concentration curl controlled negatives – 3×10 reps

Thursday – shoulders

seated barbell shoulder press – 5×5 reps

front dumbbell raise – 3×10 reps

side lateral dumbbell raise – 3×10 reps

rear raise (reverse pec dec) – 3×10 reps

shrugs – 2×25 reps

Friday – back

Deadlifts – 5×5 reps

pull – downs – chin ups – 3×12 reps

single arm dumbbell rows – 3×10 reps

face pulls – 3×12 reps


Calve raises – Tuesday and Friday

Abs – Monday and Thursday

Cardio – certainly at the weekend, but any other day as well, it’s great

There you have it, a great and easy to follow 5 day split programme! The idea behind it is that you train each and every muscle equally and you train them hard! The structure of the workouts are so that you should not be too exhausted to complete the next workout. You should in theory be able to carry on doing this 5 day split for weeks on end. However some inexperienced bodybuilders and trainees suffer from bad pain after a hard workout. This is nothing to worry about, it just means that your muscles have had to work a lot harder than usual. The normal period for you to be in pain is 3 days after the workout. When you start becoming more regular in your workouts this pain will decrease and decrease until the point where you get no muscular pain after working out, and therefore you can train harder, and experience more growth!

Hopefully from this workout routine you should experience some extreme muscle growth, however everybody is different and we are definitely not promising that every single person that does this will succeed 100%, we are just going on what we thoroughly believe to be true and effective.

Source by Cam E Hall

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