Applications of Gears

The infiltration of gears in this world is just unimaginable. Gears are components which transmits rotational force to another device. There a various types of gears each having a specific use. Gears find a major use in almost all kinds of industries. Agro industries use different varieties of gears like spur gears, helical gears, racks, pinion gears, worm gears, sprockets for specific purposes. Oxen and horses have been replaced by modern geared tractors.

Gears play a major role in automotive industry. They are used in cars, bikes, buses, trucks and even geared cycles. Ring and pinion, spiral, hypoid, hydraulic gears are some of the gears which are used in automotive industry which are used to control the speed.

Wind turbines also uses gears to increase the speed of the shaft as there wouldn’t be enough force to turn the shaft with more number of revolutions per minute that can drive the generator.

Instrumentation gears are used in creating medical automation and other light duty instruments. They are produced with high accuracy gear cutting equipment. Gears are used in mill heads which are used to produce pulp from a coarse substance. Mining industry uses gears like helical, spiral and bevel gears to extract the ores from the earth’s surface.

They are used to increase torque that is applied on the tool used for mining. Marine industry uses gears in yachts, boats, fishing boats and various other marine applications. Apart from these gears also find their use in power stations and conveyor systems which are used to transport materials from place to place. They find a major use in high end systems like aircraft designing, aerospace engineering, production of rockets and satellites, etc. Thus it can be seen that the invention gear has made a spark in our lives.

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