Natural Energy Resources

As we continue to depend on gasoline, coal, and natural gas, the prices of these things have increased dramatically. This is putting a strain on even the wealthiest families. Winters in the Northeast can be brutal, and with rising energy costs it is no wonder that many people struggle every winter to pay their utility bills. Families have to make tough choices and figure out what they can possibly live without in order to pay their high utility and gasoline bills.

The cost of fuel for our vehicles continues to rise at an alarming rate. Many people need gasoline in order to drive to work, but with the rising costs of fuel, many have found alternative methods for transportation. One option they have sought out is using ethanol to fuel their cars. Others have cut back on their driving habits and eliminated long drives and even vacations to conserve fuel. Scientists are working extremely hard to manufacture alternative fuels for our vehicles and have made a lot of progress in creating gasoline alternatives. Aside from creating alternative fuels for our vehicles, there are numerous companies working on alternative energy sources for our household utilities.

We need to take advantage of our natural resources such as water, wind, and the sun and use them as sources of energy. Solar energy is an expensive venue to start, but in the long run it is cleaner and eventually it can become a cheaper way to heat a home. Many houses are being built with solar panels, which allow the sun to warm a home with less air pollution than a home heated with natural gas.

Water is an excellent source of power. Places like Niagara Falls supplies power to millions of people. Water is powerful and available in mass quantities, so it can easily supply energy to thousands of people at one time. Wind is also becoming a reliable source of energy and many locations atop hills are using wind driven turbines to provide energy to communities.

All of us need to conserve energy and continue to work on finding ways to use our natural resources to help cut down on pollution for a cleaner world.

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