Pit Bikes – Top 5 Most Trusted Brands in the Chinese Pit Bikes

Listed below are Top 5 Most trusted brands in the Chinese Pit bike market today

1. BBR

2. Pitster Pro

3. TeraMoto (Formally Thumpstar) 3, Motovert

4. Workz

5. Puzey

All these brands have been in the market for many years now. They can be trusted although the quality I reflected in the price. BBR is the leader of the pack. The BBR range is expensive for China price tag. They have high end quality parts setup for racing. I would NOT recommend BBR to the beginner.

The next is Pitster Pro. They are from USA with a distribution network spanning the glob. Their bikes excellent quality but not as high priced as they’re competitor’s. Pitster Pro bikes can be found on the race track in the import class with many riders choosing this brand because of its reliability and toughness.

Motovert is from 2 brothers in Australia many dealers but yet to really establish themselves in America like BBR are. They do have a large dealership in Australia. There bikes typically sell for $2000-$3600 range. But they are quality made mini bikes with the price reflecting that. I would say Motovert brand is for the racer. They do have a lower end model which is priced around $1600.

Workz Pit Bikes are also from USA. This is for the not so serious racer or someone looking for a quality bike that won’t break in a hurry. This is a good choice for beginner riders who want to spend that extra dollar for alittle more quality.

Finally Puzey. relatively unknown. Puzey is from South Africa. They’re bike range is similar to Pitster Pro. In fact some of the model look the same.

If your looking for a good brand that will last a longtime,I suggest you visit each supplier’s website and compare them next to each other. Pay close attention to the welds on the frame, front forks, rear shock, Engine brand to name a few. At the end of the day you get what you pay. If you spend $1000 on a pit bike then you get $1000 worth of quality. Any one of the brands listed above are good quality and race ready.

Source by Nigel Schulze

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