The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have made a blast in today’s industry and start being preferred by a lot of people throughout the entire world. These people consider that an electric bike has its advantages and they are declared fans of this new concept. This statement is compulsory because people are split into two categories when it comes to electric bikes, obviously, those in favour of them and those rejecting them.

The major advantage of these bikes has to do with the effort the rider has to make on a ride. This effort is significantly reduced on small and medium distances, depending on how much the charger resists. Also, you can cross longer distances through town or in mountainous areas. Also, it costs less than a scooter, a motorcycle or a car. If you make some calculations, you will arrive to the idea that recharging the battery of a such a bike costs less than a monthly bus ticket or subway ticket.

Also, the electric bike doesn’t require matriculating and you also have access on all roads. In fact, Cross Country electric bikes have been recently introduced. They are more environmental and they push you towards fresh air all the time.

However, there are many people who consider that these bikes have more disadvantages than advantages. First of all, the rider needs to make less effort and sometimes, it isn’t very good for travelling downtown.

Another disadvantage would be the fact that they weigh about twenty-four kilograms, which is quite significant if you want to transport it all the way to the fifth floor or to put it in the car and take it with you on a trip. When a conversion kit is involved, it still adds nine more kilos.

Also, the price is not among the best, these bikes being quite expensive, a generous average price being of one thousand four hundred euros, which is quite a significant amount of money.

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