10 Ways to Travel "Green"

1. Unplug Appliances. Even when appliances are off, they generate electricity. It is what makes the red signal on some televisions signifying the television is off. By unplugging home appliances, like televisions, microwaves, and coffee pots, before you leave home on trips can reduce the amount of electricity running through your home.

2. Stop the Newspaper. Are you really going to read those newspapers you got while you were gone? Probably not. So stop the newspaper before you leave for your trip. Most newspaper companies will allow you to give them the dates you will be gone. That way on your first day back you will have your newspaper again without making a call.

3. Research your Destination. Many vacation destinations around the world have environmental concerns. These concerns can range from endangered animals, protected wetlands, or plant life essential to the areas environment. By researching your destination ahead of time, you can be better informed on the local environment and how to not to disturb it. Plus, it might save you a fine or two.

4. Find “Green” Lodging. Popular tourist states are looking into ways to be more “green”. One way is to certify hotels that meet specific “green” criteria. You can check websites of the state you are visiting and find any “green” hotels and where they are located. By getting your information from a state department website, you will know that the hotel has been through rigorous screening to become more environmental conscious.

5. Research local trolley and bus schedules. While public transportation does not seem like the ideal way to ride in style, it can certainly reduce your carbon footprint. Vacation areas usually have a system of trolleys and buses ready and waiting to take guests from hotels to restaurants, airports, malls, museums, and other attractions. If you do decide to rent a vehicle, rent a compact car or a hybrid.

6. Bring Reusable Bottles. Bringing your own reusable water bottles on travels can save you money and the environment. There will be less waste and trash. Also, you can reuse your toiletry bottles like shampoo and conditioner. Buy small bottles and when you go on trips fill them up with your favorite toiletries. Avoid using the hotels toiletries.

7. Wait to Wash the Sheets and Towels. Do you wash your sheets and towels every day at home? Probably not, so why do it on vacation. Many hotels have cards or door hangers that ask guests if they would like to conserve water and reuse their sheets and towels. Take advantage of this opportunity. If the hotel does not offer the service, ask the front desk about it. They probably would welcome the option not to wash more laundry.

8. Turn Off Lights and A/C. Turning off the lights sounds like an easy one to remember. But, you would be surprised how many hotel guests leave lights on when they leave their rooms. Same thing goes for the air and heat. With the in room thermostats, guests can set the room to whatever temperature they please. Sometimes that means running it constantly. Even on vacation, you should be conscious of the amount of energy you use and conserve it.

9. Shop Locally. By shopping locally, you are exposed to more of the culture of the area. You can buy handmade souvenirs or fresh food made in the area. Also, it helps the economy of the destination and does not require shipping from outside vendors. No shipping means less gas used and less polluting of the air.

10. Give Feedback. Let the hotel know how well you think they did on being environmental conscious. If they offered programs, let them know how you appreciated it. If not, let management know how much you would like to see them go “green” in the future.

Source by Michelle DiGirolamo

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