Gas Scooters – Zoom in and Zoom Out of Traffic!

Cursing on a highway on a Super bike at high speeds is a memorable and thrilling experience, but how about entering a crowded market place or a city crowded with traffic. Imagine you can zoom ahead of the traffic where the cars and bikes are stuck for hours! Gas Scooters are the most commonly used transportation mode in most of the crowded cities. The fame of these gas scooters are slowly spreading around the globe. The reason is it’s easy to ride, light weight, environment friendly and less expensive.

As the name suggests these scooters operate on gasoline and are available in two stroke and four stroke options. The bikes come in 40 cc, 50cc and 60cc with power ranging from 2HP to 4 HP. The only problem with the bike is the noise it produces as they often irritate people on the street. But if you are an environment friendly guy and being conscious about global warming, you can fit a carburetor with an exhaust emission motor can significantly reduce the noise pollution. If you frequently travel in crowded streets then this can be the best mode of transportation. These bikes are environment friendly with less emission.

Gas scooters are pretty fast and are adequate for daily transportation. These scooters can cruise at speeds ranging from 15 – 35 mph. When we talk about speed obviously we have to mention about brakes. Nowadays gas scooters are equipped with front and rear discs brakes and alloy rims to ensure minimum stopping distance. To drive these bikes on streets you need to have a driver’s license but you no need to get your scooter registered. In some cities you no need to insure the vehicle, so there is a lot of saving on going for this bike. Gas scooters are quite durable and easy to drive. The chassis is built of light weight material and has a rigid frame. As a result you can manoeuvre these bikes easily on the streets and parking them is not a problem at all.

Gas scooters are economical in terms fuel efficiency and are also less expensive to buy when compared to other bikes and cruisers. Since these bikes are operated on simple engineering, regular maintenance of the bike is wallet friendly. Gas scooters have already mastered the art of attracting buyers and now they are super-mastering it with a set of new hopes and excitement.

Source by Andrew Y Caxton

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