Is Harley Davidson Moving to Mexico?

Is Harley Davidson moving to Mexico, or any other country for that matter? The short answer is no, however the motorcycle company is hurting from the depleted economy like most other American businesses right now. They are in need of a sales increase due to the failing interest among bikers to purchase new Harley Davidson motorcycles. They are the top line of motorcycles in the world so that means they are pricey. That in turn leads to the higher interest in buying used Harley motorcycles among the many bikers that have been hit by economy as well.

As it turns out Harley will keep it’s headquarters in Wisconsin but if the company cannot reduce labor costs drastically soon it will be moving. The lack of sales has left the American motorcycle company with a huge amount of overstaffing issues. Less sales after all lead to less work that needs to be done. We will have to wait and see if the issues get resolved or if they get bailed or bought out. The company openly stated that it will be looking at moving the production from the Milwaukee Iron plant in Wisconsin to another state if things do not turn around soon.

The company has not ruled out moving to another country such as Mexico, Germany, or even China as of right now. The Harley Davidson company moving to Mexico or anywhere else is still unlikely. The whole theme behind the company is it’s American heritage. Now is a great time to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle and help keep our Harley cycles in America.

Source by Jeremy Lambert

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