Specialized Bikes – Innovate Or Die

Mike Sinyard, forefather of Specialized Bicycle Components has a quick although deep quote: “We began Dedicated for 2 main purposes: First: We adore the game. Second: We wish to put together items which assist individuals such as you revel in the game as much as we do. That’s it.”

Therefore, he established the firm in 1974 and 2 yrs after that sold the first item it produced, a tire made for a travelling market. 1981: came the StumpJumper – the original mountain cycle to be sold to the general populace.

Specialized Bicycle Components, also Specialized Bikes is the US’s 4th biggest maker of high-end bikes. Specialized is continually trying to design improved bicycle models. They have made a breakthrough when they ushered in the Mountain Bike to the people. The first design, a revolutionary item now on display at Smithsonian Museum.

Throughout the past 29 years, Mike and Specialized had not backed away from its company motto, as displayed in the heading: “Innovate Or Die.”

Specialized creates and brings out front-line components such as the racers’ dream – the three spoke wheel – a time cutter; bicycle seats which are physician -designed, lightweight helmets, and many others.

A devotee of bicycling, Mike bumped into a woman who was a colleague with Italy’s classic touring and racing bike makers. These fabricators were willing to authorize Mike sell their bicycles in the US.

He observed that high-end bike parts were not dexterously available in America and would be appreciated by the real bicycle cycling devotees. He used the remainder of his $1500 to buy components, made a directory and sold the complete stockpile to local bike shop owners, a 2-way partnership that went on for decades.

Standby capital was still an obstacle but Mike trounced it and carried on to establish a most productive organization.

Specialized is still innovating and selling, and for the ‘fair dinkum’ truly dedicated; bike believer; Specialized is the specialist for you.

Source by Dr Mark Winston

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