The X 18 Super Bike – How Street Legal is It?

The X 18 super bike (also known as the “X18 R nitro”) is one of the hottest little numbers on the market today. Using just unleaded gasoline (and thus, requiring no mixing of fuel), it makes for quite a desirable item indeed. With all of the other features, such as the electric and kick start, foot activated shifting and hand activated clutch (just like normal-sized motorcycles), it’s certainly no wonder why it is among the most in-demand products in the pocket bike line… but is it really street legal?

Well first off, it should be well noted that even if such a vehicle can be manufactured to street legal parameters, due to the size of the vehicle itself laws may differ from state to state as to whether it would be legal at all, no matter what’s done to it – there are a small few states that would only allow such a vehicle in off-road settings only.

That having all been said, the X 18 super bike comes equipped the proper blinkers, an electric horn, brake light and a halogen projector headlight as well. All of which should meet any standards necessary, although you may need to add rear view mirrors to meet some state’s inspection requirements, making the X18 R nitro fully street legal and road ready.

Another feature that makes the X 18 super bike popular is the new Honda-based, 4-stroke engine, which can reach speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour, and even exceed 65 miles per hour after the proper breaking in of the X18 R nitro super bike. The 110cc bike itself weighs in at 200 pounds, but if you’re lucky, you can find that some companies offer free shipping for their pocket bikes.

Source by Jesse Robinson

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