What Is a Campervan?

A campervan is an alternative vehicle for travelling or camping that is sometimes referred to as a “motorhome” or simply a “camper”. Geographically speaking, “RV” is the preferred term in the US that stands for Recreational vehicle, while “motorhome” is the common term used in Germany. Today the terms campervan and motorhome are preferred in Australia and New Zealand, while RV remains a popular term in the US.

Campervans vary in sizes

Size definitely matters; this applies to travelling with it and essentially when choosing for a campervan to rent. Campervan countries strictly impose vehicle capacity. Travellers and renters alike should not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in both regular vehicles and campervans. Sizes of campervans are regarded with the term “Berth”, by definition is a bed on a ship, or a passenger’s stateroom. The common berth sizes are 2 Berth, 4 berth and 6 berth. The number specifies the number of people to sleep in a particular camper.

Some companies offer 2.5 berth or 3 berth models. Many people are confused with these models. 2.5 berth campers simply means that it can sleep 2 adults and a child, while 3 berth of course imply 3 adults to sleep in it. All campers have storage cabins for luggage. Renting these types of models is definitely fine as long as the numbers are not exceeded. Some renters choose bigger vehicles to give more room to move, more luggage spaces or both, this strategy is ideal for travelers bringing in heavy or large amount of luggage than the usual.

All campers are equipped with a sleeping facility, 2 berth campers usually come with a convertible bed while 4 berth and 6 berth campers are usually built with double bed or beds that are immovable. All campers also come equipped with basic facilities of a regular vehicle like radio air-conditioner and seatbelts. Child seats should be secured when renting a campervan because some models cannot be fitted with child restraints.

When it comes to the kitchen facility, 2 berth vehicles may or may not be equipped with it, but campervans for hire commonly include a mini kitchen that is strategically designed to be convenient, thus without affecting the sleeping facility or the performance of the vehicle. Kitchen facilities among 4 berth vehicles and up are better, these models may also include toilet and shower for more convenience, DVD and TV and even awning.

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