Which Are The Safest Bicycles On The Road?

Every bicycle rider should know that apart from the positive effects that riding a bike has on your health, it can be a quite dangerous and risky activity. Motorists don’t pay enough attention to cyclists, which is why a lot of cyclists often get hit by cars. Many collisions between motor vehicles and cyclists result in severe injuries or even death.

That’s why cyclists must act responsibly and do everything they can to stay safe. They can do that by wearing the proper protective equipment, and by obeying traffic rules and follow road sharing procedures. Buying a bike that has as much safety features on it as possible wouldn’t hurt, either. The Kilduff Bike and the Josh Zisson bike are considered to be two of the safest bicycles today.

The Kilduff Bike

This is one of the few bikes that come with automatic transmission. It features 3-speed automatic transmission, and it comes with a kick brake, so there are no levers on the handlebars, which is pretty convenient. It’s not a very fast bike, and it doesn’t have 12 or 18 gears, which is what a lot of people want in a bike, but don’t necessarily need it. Gears are shifted with the help of a 3-speed internal hub. You can also choose to get the optional power brakes, that are activated by kicking the peddle back, which applies both the rear and the front brakes. This is far more convenient and safer because you activate both brakes at the same time, and you do it with your legs, so you can stop more quickly and easily. The bike costs $329, and if you can get the power brake package for $399.

Josh Zisson’s Concept Bike

This prototype created by Josh Zisson, a lawyer and a recreational cyclist, has all the safety features you can imagine. Zisson has tried his best to make this bike as visible as possible, and that’s why he has installed an LED headlight and daytime running lights on it. There is a dynamo hub that supplies power to the lights, and a rear light that intensifies as you hit the brakes. To top all this off, the bike is covered in retro-reflective coating, that is totally eco-friendly and it can’t be damaged by UV light or rain.

There are a lot of cars on the streets that cyclists have to share the road with, and their concentration on the road is key.

Source by Jordan Perch

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