10 Things Most Baby Boomers Need

If you’re a Baby Boomer, your group makes up a large percentage (over 25%) of the population. And in the last few years, you’ve been hearing that your generation is completely changing how companies market products.

Well, that’s partially true. Our vast numbers make us valuable consumers for all types of goods. But are there some products we need more than others?

Yes. And in this writer’s opinion, here are the items our group will need most in the next 20 years:

1. Affordable health insurance – It stands to reason that as we age, we’ll get less healthy. We need health plans that are both affordable and comprehensive.

2. Housing – Many of us have children still at home, but most will move to their own households in the next decade or so. When our children are grown, we won’t need as much space, but we’ll want contemporary housing with all the amenities.

3. Low cost transportation – As we retire, we’ll be looking for fuel efficient personal vehicles and alternative public transportation.

4. Travel options – As we become more affluent, we’ll look for new ways to travel, both domestically and abroad.

5. Communications options – Most of us are computer competent. But we are eager to find new ways to communicate with our parents, children, and grandchildren.

6. Fitness solutions – We’ve been reminded that a physically fit body will add quality years. We’re eager to discover new fitness equipment, exercise plans, and healthful eating alternatives.

7. Advice on care giving – As Boomers age, so do their parents. We need advice on the best ways to provide quality care for our aging parents.

8. Advice on parenting – Even after a child graduates from high school or college, he/she may need advice on how to get a job, how to advance in a career, etc. We Boomers could benefit from information on how to prepare our children for a better future.

9. Investments – And speaking of futures, what about ours? What investments should we make to provide for our own long-term needs?

10. More education – As we move through life, many of us want to start second careers. There’s a great need for information on what schools, colleges, and industries offer training programs for those middle-aged and above.

Source by Rix Quinn

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